About Us

FROANS, LLC. (Froans) is a conscious private lending company that focuses on providing financial wellness services and resources for all. Froans was founded by John Barnes in 2020 as a way to help friends and family who are short on cash maintain a peace of mind. We also specialize in financial wellness consulting. This is done through promoting positive financial habits and helping people organize their finances to set a clear path for achieving their financial goals. 

Since our founding, we have helped many people by approving froans ranging from $20 to $2000 for various issues of life such as: rent, utility bills, car repairs, travel, rentals, unexpected expenses, and etc.


 Our Services

Short on bills? Need a buffer until next payday? Want to make a purchase but you're short on cash? 

Apply for a friend loan (Froan)*. 

*By referral only

Let's take a look at your finances and financial habits to see where you can incorporate  more structure and creativity.

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